Well here is it.. day one of my yoga challenge. I already feel a lot of doubt and like I can’t do this. Life feels so chaotic these days and it seems like it will be impossible to stick with any sort of schedule.

Tonight was a good sample of some of the challenges to come. The baby wouldn’t go to sleep. She was full of anger and screaming for about an hour… except for those cute moments she throws in when she is trying to get out of going to bed. “Mama? Boob?? Ya? Ya? Giggle”.  I finally got her settled though and decided that I would do a short Yin-like session seeing as my energy was low and I was damn near about to cancel the whole thing and start again tomorrow.

30 Minute Yin-like sequence with back bending gently in four directions.

  • 5 minute seated meditation
  • 5 minute wide-legged child’s pose
  • 5 minute back cobbler pose? supported
  • 5 minute  left Kneeling Twist Pose
  • 5 minute  right Kneeling Twist Pose
  • 5 minute savasana

Sounds easy right? And it was minus the neighbour deciding that tonight was the night to play french show tunes full blast starting two minutes into my meditation. Oh and then the teen came in and turned on all the lights. “What’s that nice smell?” he says (incense). Rumble crash bang! “Mom! Are you going to eat this bread?” (I am gluten intolerant, have been for years.. I DON”T EAT BREAD). “Good night Mom!” (he is going to bed early???)  My face is down into the mat in kneeling twist pose as I say, “Did you really brush your teeth? and floss???”

So it went okay. I was very distracted. But this is what this exercise is all about. Finding the calm in the chaos. If I wait for the calm I will never get to do any yoga. So day one was about staying calm and doing yoga despite it all. I do hope tomorrow goes a little smoother though.