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I am a little sore from yesterday’s yoga so I took it easy on myself tonight. This is also my first day of doing yoga after a 8 work hour shift. I certainly felt the fatigue a bit more tonight. Course the baby was up a lot feeding last night too so that might be it.

35 Minutes of Yin Yoga – 5 minutes in each posture

  • Seated meditation
  • Melting heart (Anahatasana)
  • Sleeping swan (five minutes each side)
  • Lying twists (five minutes each side)
  • Savasanah

I did notice tonight that my practice started to feel habitual. I didn’t want to practice at all but I think it would have felt weird if I hadn’t. It is funny when you just decide you are going to do something how things sort of fall into place. I have heard that from smokers who just quit one day. They were done. They decided and it was over. Our mind really is a powerful thing and we do have a lot more control over our actions than we think we do. I have also noticed as I start to practice again how often I do things without thought. It is most apparent when I eat. I am eating past my hunger and into a feeling of being stuffed. I really have been overwhelmed this past year and have gotten into some bad habits. I would like to be more present in my life and a more conscious of my body and how I am treating it. (and feeding it).