I finally got to a studio today. A beginner Iyengar class with Ty Chandler. I have been wanting to take a class from her. She is very prolific around here so I knew she must have a ton of teaching experience. I really enjoyed myself. It was so nice to have someone else guiding me. Ty’s teaching style is very detailed and precise which I love. I learned a lot today from her about how to fine tune my positioning in asanas.

I haven’t done much Iyengar yoga. My initial introduction to it was very negative. I was first taught by a few very tense (and I think new teachers). When I did something wrong they responded with a frantic urgency and let me know that I would hurt myself horribly if I continued. I think I was more likely to hurt myself by tensing up because of the frantic instruction than anything else. I was also a little bored with the classes when I took them. I had been doing a LOT of yoga and was in a real striving mode. Iyengar Yoga takes you all the way back to the beginning and makes you relearn how to do it in it’s own specific way. I have more patience for that now especially since I did end up injuring myself doing Ashtanga yoga by pushing myself too hard too fast. Now I like going back to the beginning especially when it is with a teacher that has such depth of knowledge.

I won’t go over everything we did.. I don’t even remember it all. Twists, downward dog and shoulder stand were the main things we worked on. With very detailed precision. My body felt wonderful after. Like how it is supposed to feel. I think when I am done with my teacher training I will start focusing on taking classes at the Victoria Iyengar Centre. I like the pace and the low key atmoshpere.