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Once a week I have a sitter who comes for an hour in the morning. Today I took the time to go down to the water and practice there. It was lovely to practice in the sun, overlooking the water. My energy levels were so much higher than they have been too. I really do prefer doing yoga in the daytime.

I did notice though that the ground wasn’t perfectly even and that sort of messed me up a bit. It looked flat but once I got my mat down I noticed I was on a slight hill. My balance was TERRIBLE. I didn’t even really bother. I went through the motions and fell over several times. Usually I can balance in tree for a long time. I tried to focus on something in front of me but all there was to look at was a twinkling ocean full of movement. There was a slight breeze and when I closed my eyes in the posture the breeze felt like a huge wind blowing me over. Everything else went well though. I took my time really stretching in the postures, especially downward dog. My body is opening up slowly. It feels really good.

45 Minutes of Mixed Types of Yoga