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Once again my mind was wandering all over the place during my yoga session. I felt like my mind kept jumping to end of my practice. I held each posture for five minutes which is what I usually do with Yin and is comfortable for me. Tonight five minutes felt really LONG. I kept wondering when my damn meditation chime would go off letting me know I could move into the next asana.

There have been a lot of death’s in the past few weeks. Famous people, the horrible attacks in Norway and some more personally connected deaths have occurred. I have been thinking a lot about life and what exactly that is lately. My most influential martial arts teacher died of cancer a few weeks ago. He taught me so much about the body and energy. Now he is gone. Where did he go? What happens to all this energy? Death is truly baffling. Tonight when my mind was wandering I brought my concentration back to my body and the present moment by focusing on the feeling of life within me. I know that sounds very new agey.. but really it was a beautiful exercise. Our bodies are zipping and zinging with life and energy even when they are relatively still. It was nice to reflect and notice that feeling. I have included a video of my recently deceased martial arts teacher talking about energy. Really he was the one who initially introduced me to yoga. I just thought it was Kung Fu at the time ; )

45 Minutes of Yin Yoga (five minutes in each asana)

  • Meditation
  • Wide-legged child’s pose
  • Sphinx
  • Pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana-five minutes each side)
  • Legs up the wall
  • Reclining twists (five minutes each side)
  • Savasana