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I almost didn’t do yoga last night. I kept running through my head the option of bailing on it. The kids really took it out of me yesterday with a 4am baby wake up and prep and packing for a long summer camp. I was so wiped out and frustrated. I felt like all this doing yoga was making me more tired. “Another thing” on my plate as it were. I did end up doing a short practice but my heart wasn’t into it.

I laid my mat right by the bed and practiced in the dark so that I could go to sleep the second I was finished. I even crawled into bed to do the leg up the wall posture and the twists. Bad idea. Doing yoga in bed just made me concentrate less and want sleep more. I know. I know.. how bloody obvious. But I still had to try right? And I really wasn’t thinking all that clearly last night. God I hope I am sleeping better by the time the teacher training starts. I feel like I am a bit of a wreck.

30 minutes of Yin yoga