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I am feeling so much better today. My husband mentioned that the green curry we ordered last night at a restaurant seemed extra creamy.. like maybe it had cream in it not just coconut milk. That would help explain yesterday’s terribly low and frustrated energy. It is entirely possible I had a lactose product because my tummy has been swollen and hard and I seem to have some hives on my hands again. Fun stuff. Really.

I borrowed a sequence tonight from Mary Esther Middleton at Yoga Sense.  I did most of theyoga postures for the immune system” sequence which was very nice and unlike anything I would ever think up. It was interesting to notice that many of my least favorite postures are exactly the ones I should be doing. This sequence was full of bronchial clearing, nasal cleansing, immune boosting asanas. I hate almost every single one of them. I feel great now though. My head feels clearer and I feel a lot less bloated than I did an hour ago. I took a few postures out because I thought the sequence would be too long. It wasn’t. I will do this sequence again but with all the postures.

My lesson for tonight? Spend more time doing asanas you shy away from.

45 minutes of  Hatha yoga