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I do the yin posture melting heart a lot. Apparently it helps reverse forward curvature of the spine which is something I am terrified of. When I was quite young a teacher of mine told me that I had a “widow’s hump” that needed to be corrected. I am sure you can imagine what a teen would feel like after being told they had something that old ladies and widows have. I was horrified and ashamed. I do have a slight hump in my upper spine and neck. I have been very aware of it for years. So much so that I rarely wear my hair up. There is also some sort of connection between Dowager’s hump (widow’s hump) and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis runs in my family and I worry I am a candidate seeing as my calcium intake hasn’t been great. Yoga is supposed to help with bone density issues and bad posture. I figure I have both of those things.

What I find interesting though is how my worries about this just have to do with LOOKS. I don’t want a hump. I don’t think about pain, brittle bones or being old and fragile. No. It is vanity. As much as I hate to admit it part of the reason I do yoga is for vanities sake.

I can’t stand walking into a yoga studio full of gorgeous twenty year olds who are all super flexible. It makes me feel insecure. Yoga isn’t suppose to be about sexy looks and youth. It is more than that. Yet here I am admitting part of the reason I do yoga is because I desire to have a young & attractive looking body. I hope with time yoga can show me things beyond such mundane vanity. I am being very honest with you all. Usually I say I do yoga for much more spiritual and enlightening reasons.

45 minutes of (mostly) Yin Yoga

  • Meditation (longer than usual, 15 minutes)
  • Melting heart (Anahatasana)
  • Cat/Cow and other spinal movements
  • Toe Squats
  • Legs up the wall
  • Yin Square (but up the wall, I couldn’t find a picture of this online to show you)
  • Reclining eagle twist (5 minutes each side)
  • Savasana