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Today I felt sad. I don’t know why. I just felt kind of like I needed to cry all day for no real reason. I wanted to stay home with my baby rather than work today. You know those days when life says go and all you want to do is stay? Ya. One of those days.

Have I mentioned yet that my husband is trained as a yoga teacher. In many ways our interest in yoga brought us together. Honestly I think we argue about yoga far more often than we have the “romantic yoga life”  I imagined during the early days of our relationship. His view on yoga is very pragmatic in my opinion. He has kind of a hard core zen thing going. “Yoga doesn’t do anything”, “Yoga doesn’t give you anything”, “Yoga isn’t about doing”, “Everything is Yoga”. In many ways he is right. In the west we sell yoga. To sell yoga we need it to be favorable. It needs to fix something, do something, be something. And yoga does have TONS of benefits… but is that the point of yoga? I do believe yoga is something deeper that goes beyond the “maybe if I do yoga I won’t get cancer” train of thought. But it is great for fixing things right?

On that theme, in my typical style which makes my husband role his eyes and laugh, I decided to look up “yoga for sadness” to see what postures came up. I found the video below and did the sequences. I feel less sad now but I am not sure it was the yoga. The sequence had some core strengthening asanas which were fanstastic for me.  My post-baby tummy seems to be totally frapped and I can feel how weak my core is. This video was a good reminder that my core needs a little attention too. Funny thing is the sequence reminded me a lot of the posture I did  during my prenatal classes with  Eila at Yoga Together. If anyone who reads this is local I highly recommend their Akhanda Yoga classes.