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Sleeping babe when she ISN'T being clingy.

I am night weaning the baby right now. It is going well all things considered and she is sleeping for longer chunks of time now because of it. However it does seem to be causing her a bit of stress. Last night I couldn’t get away from her. Literally she would only sleep if she was touching me. I laid there wondering how the hell I was going to keep my yoga commitment. Then I remembered Yoga Nidra.

Great! Yoga without moving!! Just what I need when I have sticky baby syndrome. First I did ten minutes meditation then I tried to sort out how to do Yoga Nidra when I was admittedly distracted by the clingy baby. I had my iphone with me so I went to youtube and found this guided Yoga Nidra session. It was very nice. Yoga Nidra always is for me. I did find it challenging trying to do it with the munchkin and certainly didn’t go as deep into it as I have in Yoga Nidra classes (taught by Jennifer Piercy of Sacred Sleep). But it was yoga, with a baby, in not the most ideal circumstances. This whole experience is showing me that I would really like to find an inspiring teacher who has raised a family while maintaining their spiritual practices. A householder yogi as it were.