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Today I went to my first ever Moksha Yoga class. I have a Passport to Prana pass I am trying to use before my teacher training begins. It has been a nice way to get a taste of different studios and styles but I still think it is better to stick with one place when you can.

I “thought” I was going to a Moksha Flow class which I wasn’t too excited about because I am pretty out of shape. Once I got there though it turned out it was a 75 minute regular class. Whew!  I really enjoyed the class. We did lots of the standard asanas. Triangle, warrior series, plank, downward dog, seated twists and a spine strengthening series that was very similar the Bikram set.  It was wonderful having 75 minutes of yoga instead of the usual 30-45 minutes I do. The teacher was nice, new to teaching, but he seemed well informed enough and had a nice calm energy that I enjoyed. Perhaps my favourite part of the class though was the heat. I LOVE DOING YOGA IN A HOT ROOM. I know there is all kinds of controversy about it. Many doctors are horrified at the thought of exercises in that heat. My body just seems to love it.