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I had the wonderful opportunity to go to two led yoga classes this weekend.Yay!. It is so hard for me to get to a studio but I feel so good when I can. I am tired at the end of the day when I normally do yoga. It is really challenging to keep oneself motivated and inspired by yoga when tired.

Yesterday I went to another beginner yoga class as the Iyengar Yoga Center. For the first time since I have been back doing yoga I didn’t feel like a beginner. The postures felt GOOD instead of being uncomfortable and aching. The cramps and tightness seem to be subsiding and I am reminded again why I have made this yoga commitment to myself. The other nice side effect I am having is a general feeling of being calmer. I remember this from when I did yoga before.

During the class we used a lot of ropes for the postures which was interesting. I liked it and found I could go deeper into the stretches. However I noticed that it took away some of the strength required for the asanas. My general opinion so far is that props can help one find the correct alignment but the postures should be practiced without props too. There is an interesting article here about this subject.