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I spent yesterday at a memorial on beautiful Saltspring Island. It was a little odd because it was a memorial for my martial arts teacher who I have only seen a few times in the last 15 years. We weren’t close but my life was forever changed by him. He showed me energy. He taught me about movement & consciousness. He introduced me to yoga. I wasn’t really ready for his teachings when I was taking classes from him. I was young and didn’t understand a lot of what he was teaching. Somehow though his teachings have stayed with me. They come up again and again as I pursue yoga and a spiritual life. How wonderful to have had the opportunity to study with a teacher whos lessons continue to grow and resonate years after the fact.

The group of people there were intense. Chien Lung seems to attract that sort of people. I was a little uncertain how my husband would feel being plopped into that environment. There was lots of deep eye staring, tears, touching, chanting. I thought my husband faired remarkably well considering it was people he didn’t know celebrating the life of someone he never met.

I have so much to say about yesterday but I don’t know that it is relevant here. Besides overly wordy blogs are tiresome. The only thing I really want to say is that I hope when I do start to teach I can help people discover the wordless truths that this teacher showed me. There is something beyond words, beyond postures… I truly believe that is what yoga is really about (and many other spiritual traditions). I ask myself again and again what made Constantine such a dynamic and powerful teacher for me. I think it had something to do with vulnerability and bravery. Being open takes a lot of courage.

I was very tired last night after such an intense day. I did a short session and slept deep. So did baby. Can you believe it???

30 minutes of Yin Yoga (5 minute holds)