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I am feeling pretty good with how things are going in such a short amount of time. I’m not anywhere near the skill level I used to be at with yoga but things are moving along quickly and I am feeling confident. I can’t believe how different I feel about going into a teacher training now compared to how I felt a month ago. It feels okay. I get less and less worried as the time gets closer. My body is opening up again and I am feeling comfortable and more relaxed than I have felt in over a year.

They say it takes around 28 days to form a habit. I don’t know that I am really in the habit of yoga yet but it is certainly feeling more natural in my body.  In the Ashtanga tradition they don’t practice on moon days (days of rest on the full and new moon). Honestly I think that is about how often I have really wanted to bail on this whole challenge. Roughly every 14 days. If I ever do a challenge like this again I will add rest days in. Sometimes “nothing” is the right thing to do for our bodies.

1 hour of Hatha Yoga