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I had a sitter again today so I went and did almost an hour of yoga in the park. I was a bit slower than last night but got a decent amount of things in. I am working on getting this sequence down to memory. It is being challenging to get through with the small amount of time I can find to do yoga so I am having to break it into sections. I had typed into my iphone which asanas I did today but in my post-yoga blissed out state I seem to have lost the note. So I don’t actually know what I did today. I think doing the yoga is more important than documenting it though so I will just leave it at that.

As I start to move my body again after such a long time of sluggishness I find I am thinking of dance more and more. I used to belly dance a few times a week in addition to doing yoga daily. The yoga and the belly dance really balanced each other out. I love yoga but dancing has something different to it. I know, I know… there are lots of yoga classes with music. I don’t like them though. I like my yoga quiet. I like my dancing loud. The rest of this year is pretty much packed with yoga but once I get through the teacher training I am going to sign up for bellydance again. I am thinking of classes with Nath Keo. The video below is Nath. It’s not a professionally shot video but it really shows his dance style.