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I found I could do sun salutations last night without bothering my toe as long as I skipped plank. Standing doesn’t hurt. It is only when when things bonk the very top of my toe that I feel any pain.  I was glad to be able to do a bit of movement because my body was very achy from walking with a bit of a limp all day. I think the stretching was good for me. My foot kept clunking and clicking too as I moved it. Not in a bad way but almost as if some cramps were getting undone. Why do things click and clunk in our body?? That isn’t actually bones moving around is it?? I have so much to learn about anatomy and how things works.

I did a bit of active yoga and then settled into some calming Yin Yoga. When I was doing the Yin I went pretty far away mentally. I wasn’t asleep but I certainly didn’t feel awake either. It was like I was in a dream. When I stopped doing the yoga and got ready for bed I felt very odd. You know when you “wake up” in your dream. Lucid dreaming? It was like that. I was very relaxed but felt kind of out of it. I slept very deeply again.

45 minutes of mixed yoga