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I helped organize an event this weekend which left me with very little spare time. I had a lot of things to get done once the baby went down for the night so I decided that I would just have to do yoga with her awake. That was fun. No really it was (minus all the bruises).

She loves the yoga mat. She loves folding it and hiding under it. And she has this game she plays were she runs through our legs. So when I did Warrior 1 she ran under my legs, when I did wide legged forward fold.. she ran under my legs. I thought perhaps some ground work would go better rather than standing poses. I did rabbit.. she found her rattle and started banging on my back with it, as if I were a drum. Perhaps the best move of the night though was shoulder stand. She decided to feed my eye sockets craisins while I was in shoulder stand. I am sure you can guess how well Savasana went…

I laughed a lot. It was funny doing yoga with her and watching where her imagination went with it. I guess it was yoga, sort of.. I think I will do more rolling around on the mat with her. I also think I will go back to doing yoga when she is sleeping.