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35 days in and I already missed a day! I thought about not telling all of you. Isn’t that horrible? Surely no one would have noticed. But this challenge isn’t about dishonesty. It is about the realities of setting up a daily practice. The reality is sometimes you just miss a day.  I meant to do yoga. I had been involved organizing a camp out/ barbecue and had  gotten really busy but my plan had been to sneak off to the side of my tent once the baby was asleep to do a short session. The baby however had other plans. She LOVED the tent and all the excitement of camping. So much so that she gleefully stayed up almost three hours past her bed time. As I struggled to get her to sleep I thought to myself I would meditate or do some very quiet yoga. Then, just as she settled my husband came into the tent. He was all cute and cuddly like he gets when he is camping. I gave up. Cuddles with hubby won out. I didn’t do yoga.