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Between my sore toe and my jam packed weekend I have managed to get my body all into knots again. It is like I am back to day one with this challenge. I have to admit I am a little frustrated. I finally felt like I was “getting somewhere” with all this yoga. My husband would laugh at me about this. He looks at yoga from a more Advaita perspective. He gently reminds me again again that despite what we always seem to think spiritual practice isn’t about “getting anywhere”. The whole “getting somewhere” in yoga is what caused me to injure myself in the past.

I have felt a little stressed and unbalanced the last few days and my body is feeling it. I did a gentle session last night (see the video below) that focused on releasing tension in my back and neck. The yoga was really nice even though I found it challenging. I feel a lot like I go back to the start over and over gain with yoga. I suppose this is a good thing. My yoga practice is certainly shaping up to something that feels like a life long process. I have been practicing on and off since 2006 and I still feel like such a beginner most of the time. I am learning a lot about myself, my ambitions, my habit of pushing my body beyond it’s limits. Yoga is teaching me to be gentler with myself. It is clearing away some of the garbage conditioning I have allowed myself to fall victim to in my life.