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I love it when I have a sitter and I get to do yoga during the day. I have so much more energy for it. I went down to the water again (by my house) but set my mat on a level concrete slab this time instead of the grassy hill. It was much easier to do yoga on the  hard flat ground. I do like doing yoga in the grass and sand but it changes it. When I want to really focus on form and technique flat hard surfaces work the best. Which brings me to a funny topic.. yogic texts. I have read some of the classic yoga texts and they certainly have some fun descriptions of where to do yoga.

From the Yoga Mala by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
The practice of Yoga should be in a place that is spotlessly clean and level, have windows, and be suitable for smearing with cow dung.

From Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda
Where there is fire, or in water or on ground which is strewn with dry leaves, where there are many ant-hills, where there are wild animals, or danger, where four streets meet, where there is too much noise, where there are many wicked persons, Yoga must not he practised. 

Yup.. certainly need to take some of these instructions with a grain of salt.. or at least realize that they were written for a different audience.

45 minutes of mixed yoga