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A friend of mine has just opened his own acupuncture clinic. I had the pleasure of attending his clinic’s open house tonight to see the new space. JP also does some alternative therapies one of which is called Kruger Omni treatment. Joshua Kruger,  the doctor who developed the technique, was there tonight. He was a funny man doing all kinds of little taste testers of his technique on the various guests. He came and worked on me for a moment and noticed that my cervix was tipped and that I had issue with my C2 vertebrae. I KNOW I have issues with C2 and C3 in my cervical spine. I have for years and it is always the spot chiropractors zone in on with me. The cervix thing was interesting though. He gently tapped me in a few places and moved things around a tiny bit in my stomach. Funny thing is I am now VERY sore despite his adjustment being very minor. I did a full session of yoga tonight but my balance was totally off and I felt the need to be gentle with myself.

45 minutes of mixed yoga