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I love how many different free yoga classes there are online now. I don’t think a video class comes anywhere near to replacing a teacher but it is a fun way to step outside my regular routines with yoga. I did the routine below tonight. It was fun but I thought the teacher went through the sun salutations awfully fast. He had a totally new way of doing sun salutations.  I think part of the reason it felt too fast was because I wasn’t sure what to do next. I have memories of that “too fast” feeling from aerobic classes. Much of my time in those classes was spent slamming into people as the teacher yelled out what to do next. But the regulars seemed to be able to keep up with the pace easily.

We get really used to one way of doing things and then everything else feels wrong. I kept feeling that this studio/video was teaching yoga “wrong” but really it was just teaching it “differently”. There was a quote that I read somewhere by Iyengar. I can’t find it now but basically he was asked what he thought of other yoga styles like hot yoga (Bikram’s) or Ashtanga. Rather than get caught up in the opinion of right or wrong he just replied “All yoga is good yoga”. I totally agree. I think we should be honest with ourselves about where our physical capabilities are and work towards finding the yoga that us right for us. All of the different styles and ways have their benefits to some people.