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I have been struggling a bit getting around to doing yoga. It seems I get into a rhythm where everything is going smoothly and then “thud”..  it all goes away. I get stiff again. I wonder why I made this stupid yoga commitment to myself. I get bored of it. I get bored of writing about it. I get tired. Yoga starts to feel like a chore. Thankfully these moments come and go. Part of this exercise is to watch the bored and frustrated moments, notice how they feel, and keep on doing yoga regardless.  I can’t believe this is day 43. Are you guys sick of me yet???

Whenever I don’t know what to do during my yoga session I look up “yoga for.. whatever is bothering me“. It is kind of fun. There is yoga for ANYTHING. Sad? Try yoga? Horny? Try yoga? Fat? Try yoga? Addicted? Try yoga. Really. Yoga is for EVERYTHING!!!! Today I looked up “Yoga for Sinusitis“. Lo and behold!!! Plow, head stands and shoulder stands are good for your sinuses. So I mixed that into my yoga session and you know what? My sinuses do feel better. Mind over matter? Or does yoga really fix everything?

45 minutes of mixed yoga