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Right before my baby was born I took a trip to Mexico with my eldest son. It was a wonderful trip despite our very tight travel budget. I had the opportunity to go to a few yoga classes when I was there with an amazing Dutch yoga teacher Brigette Longieville. I don’t know what it was about her classes that I liked so much. In general I like German and Dutch yoga teachers though. (although it does feel a little weird when my husband is my yoga teacher) They seem to have a very direct and practical approach to yoga. I get a spiritual feelings in those classes despite nothing overtly spiritual being discussed. Many of the classes I have taken here try to access the spiritual side of yoga but often they words from the teacher’s mouths just seem to fall  flat. The spiritual instruction comes out sounding tacky and new age somehow. I try to remain open to the experience but it really doesn’t do anything for me most of the time.

I did another video class tonight (see below) that was by Dagmar Spremberg from Montezuma Yoga. I liked the pace of the class and felt comfortable in every posture while still being challenged. She is German and has the energy I talked about above. I really relate to this type of teaching despite me not entirely being able to pin down what makes it any different from classes I take here. The space the video was shot in reminds me a lot of where I did yoga in Mexico. I would LOVE to do a teacher training or retreat some time in a location like that. There is something extra special and fitting about doing yoga outside in the warmth.