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I almost always do yoga at night after the baby goes to bed. It isn’t ideal but it is the time I have. The past few days she has been waking a lot, crying, restless, teething. Even if she doesn’t wake during my yoga session I feel myself being on edge. I am LISTENING for her. My attention is not with the yoga. My body does the moves but my brain is upstairs with the baby. I had hoped I would be able to get at least one yoga class outside of the house in a week but it doesn’t seem to be happening. It is SO MUCH easier to sink deep into the yoga when I know someone else is looking after the little one. Oh well. Such is life with a baby I guess. One of the instructors I will be doing my teacher training with has a young baby. I am curious to hear her stories about juggling motherhood and a regular yoga practice.

35 minutes of Yin Yoga (5 minute holds)

This video by the way reminds me too much of my life.