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I am still sick and feeling a little frustrated about it. I start my yoga teacher training in a week and I have so many things to wrap up before then. Trying to get stuff done when you have a cold is like trying to play golf in a mud pit though.

In my laziness I decided to just do another video class. I picked one that I thought would be easy enough for my low energy. The actual asanas in the online class were nice and I enjoyed them. The music and the woman’s voice drove me totally batty though. I felt like she was talking to me as if I was a three year old she was trying to get to sleep. And then there was this synthesizer mellow music in the background playing. I had visions of 1980’s new age angels coming to grab me and take me off into some horrific fluffy after life. Have I mentioned I used to work in metaphysical stores? I have far more than a life times share of new age angels and music.

Music.. it’s a personal thing I suppose. Do you like music in your yoga classes? There is an awful lot of  dj’s playing with fitness/yoga classes around here. I love the creative energies people are putting in together but I would have to say I generally avoid those classes. Give me quiet yoga classes please. I think it is kind of odd to have this opinion so strongly because I LOVE DANCE CLASSES.