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I am finally getting around to watching a video series lent to me by a friend. She did a teacher training a few years ago with Yin Yoga’s founder Paulie Zink. The videos are kind of odd and fairly low budget but it gets the point across. Paulie’s style is VERY different from your typical yoga class. All his terminology and the way he goes through the movements are quite unlike what one would normally see in a yoga class. He calls what he does “yoga” but  it feels far more like a martial arts class warm up to me. Which I guess makes sense. He has an extensive background in martial arts. His videos aren’t glossy. His mustache makes me laugh. His voice reminds me of Mr Roger’s (whom I loved as a child). Somehow his teaching feels very Chinese and foreign to me (despite him being a white American). I LOVE what he does but his presentation has this cultural thing about it. The pace isn’t western. The descriptions aren’t western. I feel slightly uncomfortable with it. I have had this before. I was doing a class that was teaching Mantak Chia’s  “Healing Tao“. We were asked to SMILE at our LIVER and our other organs. I squirmed. It felt tacky. It felt weird. But it was a wonderful lesson that stuck with me. This is how I feel about Paulie’s teachings. I think they are kind of weird. I think he is kind of weird. But I remember what he says and my body does respond to the lessons.

I did just over half an hour of his beginner class last night. Tonight I am going to finish it.