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I finished going through the asanas on that CD by Paulie Zink and all I can say is that his beginner class sure didn’t feel beginner to me. He did do several poses I suck at though. One of them is Shoelace. I don’t know what it is about this pose. I find it so difficult. I don’t feel like I have tightness in my outer thighs but when I do this pose I feel an incredible amount of stiffness. I have this with my bum too (yes my bum). I never feel stiff or sore in my bum but then when I get a massage and the practitioner gets to my bum.. OUCH! I guess my bum is really tense. Why don’t I normally feel it? Anyone else have that?

One thing that Paulie did touch on in this beginner class though was how some of the postures relate to Taoism and the Five Elements (or Wu Xing). I was very interested to hear him talk about this and hope he gets into more detail with the other lessons I still have to watch. The Five Element System is something that I have had ample exposure to and I find the whole thing fascinating and incredibly relevant to my own health. There are many systems like this out there but for some reason the Chinese one is the one I relate to the most.