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We just got back from camping. It was my first camping trip with the kids sans hubby since the baby was born. I was determined to do yoga while on this trip.. and I did.. but not any great or focused sessions. Just a few minutes here, a few minutes there. A lot of the yoga I did was sun salutations,  hanging upside down, forward folds, dangling, and cat/cow stretch.

My back was killing me from lugging my “not so little baby” around on our various forest hikes. Pretty much everything I did was to try to undo the ache her weight had caused my back. I know I have said this before but juggling being a mom and a regular yoga practice is proving to be incredible challenging. I start my teacher training in two days. Honestly the thing I am most looking forward to is having the “yoga class” part of the teachings four times a week with NO BABY and before BABY’S BEDTIME. Yup. Bring it on.

(Picture is one of the beaches we hiked to)