I used to work the front desk a few hours a week in trade for a membership at Hemma Yoga. Having an open membership like that gave me all sorts of opportunity to check out classes I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. One of those classes was Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Piercy. If you are feeling tense and a little swept away by your busy life I highly recommend one her classes. She has a beautiful voice and a very calming presence.  Her website Sacred Sleep Yoga has tons of information and resources on it too if you just feel like internet browsing.  I signed up for her newsletter and in it she provided a link to a free Yoga Nidra MP3 which I downloaded and practiced. I made it about half way through the Nidra session before I completely passed out. It was lovely but Yoga Nidra isn’t really supposed to be about passing out. Oh well. I was VERY RELAXED before I passed out so I suppose the Nidra was effective in some way.

Next is my yoga teacher training which means LOTS OF YOGA for the next few months.. with a teacher!! In a class!!! Before 9 at night!! Umm ya, I am a little excited.