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Today was the first day of my yoga teacher training with Ajna Yoga. Mostly it was just  loooooong yoga class and then some orientation about the teacher training course. It was LOVELY to have that long to do yoga. I have missed longer sessions like that so much. When this teacher training is done I am going to have focus on creating some space in my life for longer yoga practices. They really do feel different than the short little daily ones I have been doing. I still think “short yoga” is better than “no yoga” but something else comes along with a longer practice.

Anyway, the program looks quite exciting.. exciting enough that hopefully I will get over the guilt of being away from my kids those extra 20 hours a week.  I will keep you all posted on how it goes and what sorts of things I am learning. Below is just a quick overview of the structure of the course. (taken from Ajna Yoga’s website)

Ajna Yoga 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

  • Deepen your awareness of postures (asana)
  • Ask questions about your own practice
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Study of the 8 Limbs of yoga & The Chakras
  • Hands-on practice of physical adjustments, modifications for injured bodies
  • Workshops – therapeutic applications
  • Lectures on yogic philosophy
  • Meditational instruction, breathing (pranayama) and kriya (cleansing) techniques
  • Class sequencing to meet different needs (eg. gentle classes, for preganacy, for strength)
  • Teaching methods for different settings (studios, gyms, private lessons) and the business aspect