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I did a short session  last night.  I was tired. Often in yoga I struggle to find the correct balance between effort and effortless. If I have a quiet session I feel that I am being lazy. If I have an active session I feel proud… but the next day my sore body usually tells me that I pushed too hard. There is a sweet spot somewhere in there where I think yoga is ideally practiced. Somewhere the body works and moves but where the movement softens you… or invigorates you, rather than adding more exhaustion or just causing no effect at all. The exciting part about yoga is that this spot is always changing where it is. Every day my practice is different.  I have been doing yoga on and off now for roughly five years. I think it is funny how much more I feel like a beginner now than I did when I first started doing yoga.

Image is by Pieter Weltevrede,  a Dutch Yogi/ Painter who studied in the same lineage my partner studied.(Harish Johari)  I LOVE his work. You can see more of it here.

25 minutes of Mixed Yoga

  • 5 Minutes Seated Meditation
  • 4 Sun Salutations
  • Runner’s Lunge
  • Melting Heart
  • Child’s Pose
  • Yin twists
  • Savasanah