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Yesterday was a long day.  Hubby coughed all night which meant baby woke all night. There was very little sleep to be had. Add in a full days work and I only felt half present for the teacher training class. The yoga class we did lovely but my head was somewhere else. Once the actual teacher training part of the course started my mind kept drifting off.  I would miss little bits of what the  teacher said. It reminded me of high school. “What page are we supposed to turn to in our text book again????

Despite the tiredness I did get a lot out of the class. We talked about feet and how they correspond to the rest of the body. We looked at each other bodies and their natural tendencies with alignment. We noticed how things changed in our colleagues bodies as minor suggestions of readjustments and alignment of the feet were made. You really can “see” what happens in people’s bodies. We do rather unnatural things to our bodies in the modern age. Chairs, sidewalks, shoes… It made me think of when I lived in the woods. I spent much of time in bare feet or in my Tibetan Socks. My body was very comfortable most of the time. Whenever I came back into the city and walked around on the road or sidewalk I felt like the pavement was shattering my shins. I hated walking on sidewalks for years after that. I spent most of my time in town walking on people’s lawns. I think I might go back to that. Moccasins and lawns? Oh god. Is yoga going to turn me into a total hippie?