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I have been surprised at how calm I have been leading up to and beginning this yoga teacher training. It has all felt remarkably comfortable and right. I am familiar with a lot of the material we are covering but know I have tons more to learn. It has felt good. Things have been going at the right pace… until today.

I just realized that not only do I have to learn about becoming a yoga teacher… I also have to TEACH YOGA to become a yoga teacher. That’s right. Teach it! You can laugh at me all you want. Umm duh Julia? That is why you are taking this training right? Today we had to teach a couple simple postures to a partner. Suddenly all the information I knew about yoga vanished. I went blank. How do I do this posture again?? How do I explain it??? I am grateful we are getting into this so early on in the course because I believe it will be the biggest challenge for me. It is QUITE DIFFERENT explaining a posture than it is doing one. I was surprised at how nervous and self conscious I became. I really want this.. I really want to do this.. but I am scared. Scared I won’t be a good teacher. Scared I will hurt someone. Scared I will be rejected. Scared I will fail. Suddenly all kinds of fears are coming up. I know this is just part of a process and the only way through it is by plodding right through it. I sure feel a little squirmy and uneasy right now though.