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I have gotten over my little panic attack about teaching yoga. I know I just need practice. Teaching it is like taking what I know and turning it inside out and backwards. I get confused trying to explain it. I know it will come though. I just need to keep at it.

To help myself along I decided to “teach” myself a class last night. I went through the postures telling myself what came next. Out loud.. It was weird. I hardly got through any postures and it totally changed my practice. It didn’t feel  much like my practice. I think I will try to teach the baby yoga tomorrow instead. Then I will focus on my own practice in the evening once she is in bed. The great thing about babies is that  they are totally non judgmental. She is super flexible too although not always the most cooperative. I foresee mushed blueberries, spilled yogurt and teddy bears in the class I teach tomorrow.