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Tonight I got to watch about half of a yoga class instead of be in it. It was very interesting to see the difference. When I wasn’t actually doing asanas I thought the teacher was repeating herself an awful lot. Surely students don’t need this much prompting do they? When I joined in mid way through the class though I found myself grateful for her continual reminders and prompts. I kept forgetting while in postures what breath/area I was supposed to be focusing on. It was a fun lesson in perspective.

We studied the Prana Vayus tonight which is something I know nothing about. There are “5 prana vayus, or “winds” that are responsible for the motion of prana, or life energy.Vayu means “wind, air or unseen forces.” Vayu is also the wind-god, who in the Vedic system is the Master of Life,  and the inspirer of breath and the dynamic energy of prana.

I have done similar energy work in the past (although never with Vayus). It is recommended to not to do these sort of exercises when pregnant though so I had gotten out of this discipline since the baby entered my life. Energy is often a subtle thing and I had a hard time feeling several of the Vayus. Whenever I have gone long periods of time without this sort of focus I always get the same feeling when I return to it. It is as if my “energetic areas” are dusty and full of cob webs. Parts of me feel “energetically” numb. Spending time concentrating on breathing into these areas seems to have left me very sore though. Funny that isn’t it? That one can get sore from breathing? I think perhaps this sort of work is just waking up some areas that I have blocked out my mind because they aren’t the most comfortable parts of my body. I do LOVE this sort of thing and I always feel so much more alive after I spend some time doing these sorts of exercises. It was a good class. I feel very inspired and exciting about teaching this sort of thing to others in the future.