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I am often amazed by yoga. I went into the teacher training class tonight totally wiped out. I had a headache. The baby had been up since 4am. I had already put in a nine hour work day before I started the four hour class. I was beat. Thankfully everyone else seemed to be in rough shape too so the teacher changed the asana class a bit to be more suited to our needs. We did a light flow style class with some deeeeep hip opening. I feel all lose and wiggly now. I love it! I The class really energized me and helped me stay awake for the duration of the training.

We also played around with some  “personal space” energy exercises which was interesting. It is so rare in life that we pay attention to this sort of thing consciously even though we unconsciously do it all of the time. Communication happens on many different levels and when you are teaching someone yoga it is good to be well aware of this fact… especially if you have any plans to do any physical adjustments on your students. I think I will just stay away from doing any physical adjustments for the time being. I do like it when I get adjustments during a yoga class but I have been injured this way so I am leery when I teacher I don’t know comes over and puts their hands on me. Just because you can physically push my body into a place doesn’t mean my body should be in that place.  Personally I am going to choose to err on the side of extreme caution