We had a wonderful class on the different paths of yoga, pranayama and the bandha’s last night. I love learning about this sort of thing in a classroom setting because it is so rarely covered in the average yoga class. Hatha yoga (or the physical asana’s) is the primary focus of most yoga classes in our culture. To learn more in a class setting about the other path’s of yoga often means going to a workshop. Although I would LOVE to go to all kinds of these longer specialized classes my finances the past few years have limited the amount workshops I can attend. Thankfully there is a wealth of information in books about these “other parts” of yoga so when I get the chance I fill my brain up with as much information as I can soak in. It isn’t the same as learning in a classroom though. I learn things much deeper when I am in a classroom setting. One of the women who runs the program I am taking mentioned that a majority of the students they train are Kinesthetic Learners. Yup. That is me. I learn by seeing and doing far more than I learn by reading.

We also spent some of the class time working with the Bandha’s, locks and Pranayama. I have explored this part of yoga with a few different teachers before so the information we covered wasn’t new to me. It has been a part of my practice that I let go when I was pregnant though (not recommended during pregnancy).  I haven’t really gotten back into it despite being physically able now. Last night reminded me to focus on this area of yoga again. I really do a feel a difference on many levels when I incorporate breath work into my practice. The best thing? I can do it fairly easily for short amounts of time when the baby naps.