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I am feeling like life is a little too full. I love this yoga teacher training course I am taking. I love learning about teaching yoga. It is giving me such a different perspective and I am learning so much. However each week by Saturday I feel a little burnt out on it. I miss my baby. It is a lot of time to be away from her. She cries when I leave. She bounces between getting angry at me when I am with her and curling up, cuddling and being really clingy. I think this adjustment has been hard on her. Actually it has been hard on our whole family. My husband is tired. My teen is even more disorganized than usual. The house is a bit of a mess. The laundry piles are getting pretty big.

Saturday also seems to be the day when we teach each other (and sometimes the class). It is the last thing we do in our course after a full week. I suppose it makes sense to do it then. We have a whole week of things to take into our teaching. My brain just feels over full though. By the time we are teaching I feel like I have nothing to say. I need some time to process all we have learned. I feel delicate and not at all like I have the confidence to teach. I suppose this is all part of becoming a teacher though isn’t it? I will still have to show up and teach my classes even when I feel soft and/or scared. There is a place for soft open teachings.

Today teaching someone else WAS easier. But I still felt unfocused and disorganized in my brain as I tried to explain what to do. Practice practice practice right???. I will get the hang of this eventually.