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It is really hard when you are actually doing yoga to know whether or not you are doing it “right”. I figured because I will be teaching by showing (and explaining verbally) the asanas that I should probably take a look at what I am doing in the mirror to see if what I “think” I am doing looks anything like what I “explain to do”.

Watching myself do yoga in front of the mirror yesterday was a little odd. First off: It is hard to see yourself in the mirror while doing yoga. I did try my best to get a decent look yesterday. My form isn’t perfect, far from it.. but it is actually way closer to what yoga is supposed to look like than I thought it would be. Which is funny. I get corrected in class all the time so in my head I figured I must have been doing yoga quite horribly out of alignment.

Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned in this teacher training so far is to allow people to be honest and gentle with their bodies.. and for me to accept their bodies as they are. One of my teachers said “before you go correct someone look for the beauty in their pose“. I LOVE THAT. To keep yoga safe for everyone I think corrections and alignment suggestions are often necessary but I wonder if sometimes teachers pay a little TOO MUCH attention. Of course I think many people have also been to classes where the teacher totally ignored what the students were doing. This can result in all kinds of injuries, or repetitive strain complications. I suppose teaching yoga is much like most things in life. There is a balance to be found.  How do we help students learn yoga without projecting too much of our own ideas of what the “perfect posture” is onto them? How do we guide people to find their own beauty in the posture while ensuring that their form is safe.