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My baby is being pretty clingy these days. This yoga teacher training is taking me away from her a lot and she is responding by getting pretty needy when I am around. Last night she kept waking up unless I was with her. It made doing yoga pretty challenging.

Thankfully we have been focusing a lot on breath work in the class so I decided to do some pranayama instead of physical asanas. At first I practiced Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing). Then after 12 sets of  Nadi Shodhana I swiched to Kumbuka Breathing which is basically just breath retention. I breathed into the count of five, held for two seconds, then breathed out for the count of six and held for two seconds. Both of these practices are very calming for me.

I finished my “I am trapped in bed with a baby” yoga session by listening to a Yoga Nidra session in Dutch (video below). It was interesting doing Yoga Nidra in another language. I do understand most of what was said in the video but when words came up that I didn’t know I noticed I “came out of my sleep” a bit more to try to focus. I think I will stick mostly with English Yoga Nidra. It is more relaxing hearing it in my own language.