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The teacher training last night was amazing. We started with a longish therapeutic yoga class and then spent the night talking about the benefits of yoga to people with health issues. We spent a lot of time looking at the Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and how different asanas effect these systems. We talked about blood pressure, stress, mental health, personality types, injuries. We covered SO MUCH. I left feeling SO INSPIRED about yoga and the wonders that it can do. I felt giddy and had to remind myself that yoga “can” do lots.. but that doesn’t mean it is a cure or solution for everything. I want my teachings to be grounded and realistic. Besides, I don’t think it is really a yoga teacher’s role to play doctor. Asana’s might have amazing side effects but I don’t think that is the focus when we practice. Yoga goes beyond the physical.

I do LOVE this sort of thing though… I also love exploring patterns and seeing what happens when we alter or change our patterns in life. This can be a way of thinking, a way of moving our bodies, a way of seeing. One of my favorite yoga teachers talked a lot about yoga being a journey of exploration and discovery. She encouraged us to be curious with ourselves as we practiced. Her words come back to me again and again as my yoga practice continues to deepen.