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I really didn’t take enough time for self care yesterday. My baby was sick and teething. She spent much of day screaming or being frantically restless trying to get away from the pain. She had a ten minute nap. Not enough… When it came time to go to my teacher training I realized there was no food in the house to take with me. I grabbed the two remaining rice cakes and the tiny little bag of nuts that was left in the cupboard. This was dinner. Blurgh. I felt really insecure at the teacher training. I felt like I was talking too much. I felt like I was annoying the teacher. I felt all sorts of things that probably had more to do with not looking after myself than anything else.

Part of our homework for this yoga course has been to develop a “Sattvic Program” for ourselves. Yesterday I totally broke this program and I really felt how it affected me. Old negative self loathing patterns crept in. I was not grounded, which is ironic because this week our primary focus has been on the  first chakra (Mooladhara Chakra). This chakra is all about finding our root. It is associated with the adrenal glands. Once again this is ironic, because this is the system in my body I struggle the most with. The yoga we did in the class did seem to help ground me out though.. thankfully. When I got home the baby was sound asleep and she managed to sleep the whole way through the night despite her physical condition. Yay. Today I will focus a more on self care and eating some green leafy vegetables.