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Last night I was (once again) stuck with a sick baby who CLUNG TO me and wouldn’t sleep unless we were touching. Due to my physical restrictions I decided to do a guided meditation instead of physical asanas. We have been working with chakras at my yoga teacher training so I found a chakra meditation video that I thought looked good. I settled into bed and turned the video on. It was terrible. Okay maybe not terrible, but it was one of those new age chakra angel synthesizer types of things that I cringe at. Something about that kind of music makes me immediately assume the information being presented is utter crap. Which is pretty biased actually. Really it was okay. The words were okay. The descriptions were simplistic but good enough. I am just afraid of new age stuff. I would have looked for another video but the baby had already woken three times as I tried to get settled. I stuck with it.

I am trying to be more open minded. I worked in a metaphysical store for years and dealt with many crazy new agers so I tend to be a little jaded. The thing is I think I Iet my bias get in the way of good information sometimes. One book that really changed me was Creative Visualization by Shakti  Gwain. I don’t even think I would consider that book if I picked it up today. Yet it was good. It was full of amazing information that I still use to this day.

I think I need to get over myself. Somehow I have let these “life experiences”  harden into some pretty inflexible ideologies. I want to remain soft and open to new things.