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In my yoga teacher training we are spending a week focusing on each chakra. Our current chakra of focus is Swadhisthana Chakra which represents (among other things) our development from ages 7-14. This is the chakra of reproduction, pleasure, emotions, social connections. It’s element is water but it’s colour is orange. It’s sense is taste. This all sounds like fun doesn’t it? However the demon of this chakra is guilt. Guilt from too much sex, pleasure and good food??? I suppose this could happen.

When working with this chakra on a physical level a lot of attention is paid to hip opening postures. I LOVE hip openers despite my outer hip being the tightest thing in the universe that screams at me when I stretch it. I always feel so light after I do a class with a lot of hip openers though.. and I feel sexier. Apparently we store a lot of emotions in our hips. Deep stretching them can cause emotional releases to occur. No tears so far this week though. I felt a way more emotional stirring when we were working on our first chakra.