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I have mentioned several times on here how hard it is for me to find time to do yoga. I WANT to do it the morning but that never works out around here. The baby is up between 5:30-:6:00 am most mornings. I can’t get up an earlier than that. Not even for yoga. I need sleep!!

I love being a mom but I have really been flattened out by the lack of sleep this past year. The baby was just starting to sleep normal again and she got a cold. Now she won’t sleep unless we are touching. I am going stir crazy.

I did a little session of pranayama last night. It was in bed with my baby attached to my hip. I tried to focus and not be annoyed but really it is hard to do yoga with a fussy baby waking up every time you move. I did some quiet pranayama.  Alternate nostril breathing and  Kumbhaka Breathing. It went okay. It relaxed me. I am feeling really frustrated though. I feel like yoga helps me stay sane yet finding the time to do yoga feels almost impossible. The only good yoga sessions I get in these days are when I am out of the house at my yoga teacher training. Really I should be grateful that I have that experience to enjoy four days a week and stop my whining.