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Most of the yoga sessions we have been doing in my yoga teacher training have been pretty mellow. I am learning a TON about alignment and posturing with this slowed down focus and attention to detail. Last night however we had a guest teacher (Guy Friswell Yoga) who taught a quicker Vinyasa style flow class. It was so much fun. Guy is a dynamic, inspiring and genuine teacher. Ohhhhh how I have missed flow. I love the energy and the heat generated. I felt sooooooo good after that class. I wish I could do flow all the time. Unfortunately my body is one that has been hurt by doing fast paced yoga classes with improper positioning so I have learned to be really careful in these faster classes. I really have to limit how often I do them. Repetitive strain injuries aren’t fun : (

After our wonderful heated class we broke down my nemesis posture, Downward Dog. EVERY problem area of my body gets worked on in this posture. Tight hamstrings?, Oooops my back is too rounded, let correct that. Tight shoulders? Ooops my chest needs to open more. WHAT? Now my elbows hurt? Corrected that. Ahhhh my wrist! Okay.. corrected that. Really.. it just keeps going.

The funny thing is this is a RESTING posture. I remember when they said that during first yoga class I ever attended. I think it was about three years before I tried yoga again. If that was resting I didn’t want to see what working was. I was in agony. So why do they always do it in classes? It is amazing. It balances all your chakras. It undoes so many of the bad habits we have in our modern bodies. It is a wonderful pose. The best part? I have been corrected in it in a zillion ways now. I am pretty damn familiar with this pose and what can go wrong in it. I feel confident teaching it.