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We had another guest teacher in for my yoga teacher training (Jennifer Piercy). She is a great teacher who I have a ton of respect for. Her teachings feels very authentic. I always feel incredibly relaxed after her classes. Nothing is forced with her instructions and her pace is very calming. She reminds her students again and again to stay soft and honest in their postures. I love her approach.

After we had finished her 90 minute class I went to the bathroom. When I looked in the mirror I was amazed by how soft and smooth my face looked. It was as if five years had been taken off my age. Sometimes when I go off into the woods for a longer period of time I notice the same thing when I return to civilization and look in a mirror.  A conversation about nature having a similar effect came up in one of my yoga teacher training discussions. Apparently spending as little as 20 minutes a day in nature can change our brain process and cause us to be more relaxed. Our busy high paced city living can be detrimental if we don’t take some time out to relax on a regular basis.

Soft faces are marvelous things. When I relax my face I am always amazed at how different it makes me feel mentally. I carry so much tension around in my jaw all the time. Yoga is teaching me to slow down, loosen, soften. It really is a lovely lesson in living.