It is Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend which meant I participated in a little more socialization and rich food than is usual for me. I don’t normally eat dairy but I was at a party with a rather lovely selection of nice cheeses so I indulged. The next morning I felt like I had been run over by a truck. Dairy really doesn’t agree with me.

I was teaching in the afternoon so I planned a quiet class. We did lots of floor work with longer held postures. I think it went well but I messed up a few descriptions a  bit.  I don’t think I was clear enough describing seated twists or eagle. My brain was just fuzzy and I was mixing up my left and rights. I think I will just leave postures like that out next time if I am feeling so sleepy.

Speaking of sleepy.. I am suffering a bit from a turkey coma at the moment so I am going to keep this blog post short. The only other news I want to share is that next week I start teaching in a yoga studio… I am super excited and terribly nervous.