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The baby FINALLY slept last night without me being attached to her. Oh sweet mercy make this last… This meant I FINALLY got to practice some yoga on my own last night. After having had such a rough few week I thought some Yin Yoga would be nice to settle down my frantic burnt out self. It was lovely.. I did about 45 minutes of Yin Yoga and got into a deeply relaxed state. I was quite stiff in many of the postures because it had been a while since I have done such deep holds but the “awake stillness” did wonders for my mind.

Yin Yoga (or I guess what I was learning back then is now called Insight Yoga) came to me at a time when I really needed to learn how to give myself deep forgiveness. Through the practice of slow long held postures and mindfulness techniques I become able to truly love and accept myself…every bitchy, sad, dribbling little part of me. It was a huge relief. Now when I am having a rough time I notice that if I return to Yin Yoga my body and mind immediately remember those lessons I learned. It is like muscle memory only more so… I am so incredibly grateful to Carly Forest, my first Yin Yoga teaching, for being there to introduce this practice to me when I was ready to learn.